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Hey, all! TheCoffeeLord here!

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Hey, all! TheCoffeeLord here! Empty Hey, all! TheCoffeeLord here!

Post by thecoffeelord on Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:41 pm

How's it goin'? I'm Jake, or The Coffee Lord online! I'm 18 years old from the US.

I found out about SDVX through being a BeMani fan for years, and started playing with a Virgoo controller in mid November. So far, I can play most 13's and some 14's.
As for other rhythm games, I play Dance Dance (well, stepmania with a dance mat) although I'm not great at it. I also play osu! which I know doesn't have the best rep, but I enjoy it. I would love to get into Beatmania but I do not have a controller for it.

I've been casually gaming since I was little, and am on my PC damn near every hour of the day. Hit me up on Steam some time (The Coffee Lord)!

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